Social Security Disability Filings, Hearings & Appeals and Counsel for Denials

Experience matters. Good disability lawyers help win your claims.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Social Security Disability Insurance & Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Rules & Regulations

Let us fill you in on the correct rules and regs for the disability process.

Filings, Forms & Denials

We'll help you file all the forms and questionnaires you need for succcess.

Distric Court Appeals

We specialize in disability apeals in district court. Get a review of your case now.

Medical Records Review

Your medical history is vital to your disability appeal. Let us pull them all together for you.

Court Hearing

If the time comes to appear in court for your disability action, we'll handle everything for you. 

Appeals Council Review

Let us analyze your case before any appeals council actions on your disability. 

The Social Security Administration says no a lot. Don’t listen.

The Social Security Administration has a robust and complex system for reviewing and deciding claims. A disability claim does not end with the first denial of a claim. If you are unable to work, you may eligible for benefits despite what the Social Security Administration initially tells you.

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Apply for Disability

You can click the button below to start your application with the Social Security Administration (SSA). NOTE: Your best chance of success is using a lawyer to guide you though the application process. Contact us HERE.

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The Practice

Let us help you with everything from general info to filing out the forms to representing you at your hearing to appealing your case to federal court.

What we do

  • Explain SSI and SSDI benefits
  • Explain the disability process
  • Analyze your case or denial
  • Fill out and file documents
  • Obtain medical opinions
  • File for time-limit waivers
  • Disability hearing preparation 
  • Obtain records and documents

Questions we answer

  • What are my possible benefits?
  • Am I eligible?
  • How do I file for disability?
  • Can I get help filling out forms?
  • Why have I been denied?
  • How do I appeal?
  • How does having a lawyer help?
  • Can someone go to court with me?
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“Over 70% of Alabama disability claims will be denied the first time around. We help you get approved.”

-Jason P. Bailey