Social Security Disability Denied?

70% of Alabama’s Social Security Disability denied. We can help you get approved.

If you are denied Social Security Disability you will eventually have the right to a hearing. A hearing is like a mini-trial with a judge – known as an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) –testimony from witnesses, and hopefully a lawyer to represent you. The hearings are one of the best chances for a claimant to win their claim.Hearings typically take place at the local Social Security office, though the ALJ may appear by video. During the COVID pandemic local offices are closed to the public so hearings take place by phone or by video conference (usually from an attorney representative’s office).At a hearing a claimant should be prepared to talk about their work history, their disabilities, and what a typical day for them is like. If a hearing is required to resolve your case, it will likely take more than a year to win your claim.

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